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Always remember to do these before and after sex

Sex is an integral part of life. But there are several things that you must never do before or after sex. It can ruin the mood, affect your performance and leave you with sour sex memories.

Here are the most common things that you should always remember before having sex:

Don’t get drunk: Drinking ruins sex life. Drinking alcohol before having sex leads to unsatisfying sex and many people have a hard time reaching an orgasm. It also reduces your libido.

Avoid some positions: In sex, some positions must be avoided. Men must not elevate their pelvis as that boosts chances of conceiving.

The presex shower: If men are uncircumcised then he must rinse his foreskin before having sex. The foreskin has UTI- causing bacteria which can be passed on to the partner.

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Don’t rush to use the bathroom: Peeing after having sex is a must. But this does not mean that one has to jump out of the bed to do it unless you really need to pee. Stay, snuggle and then go.

Avoid a big dinner: Full stomach will ruin the sexual relation. Avoid high fiber foods at least an hour or two before doing it. You can also have a small piece of chocolate as that boosts serotonin levels.

Clean the sex toys: If you use sex toys, then it must be cleaned well before and after the use. They must be washed well, dried thoroughly and then placed back to where they were kept before.  Otherwise, they will have microorganisms that can cause severe infections.


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