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Always do these in your bed

Avoiding mistakes in the bed will enhance the love life. A good and healthy sexual life will improve the relationship.

So here are some simple tips that one must follow in bed to have a healthy sex life:

1. Protection: This is the foremost thing. Using a condom will not only protect you from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) but also prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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2. Check your breath: Bad breath is the main villain among couples. Bad breath can turn anyone off and is a definite no. Brushing or rinsing your mouth before sex can save you both from an  uncomfortable situation.

3. Be clean down under: Clean your private parts before engaging into sex.  Unclean genitals can seriously put your partner off. Also, if you have a genital infection, you could pass it on to your partner.

4. Clean bowels: It’s important to pee right after having sex, it’s equally important to do so before too.

5. Foreplay: Last but most important thing is to devote more time for foreplay. As per studies, most women need about 20 minutes for their bodies to fully prepare for penetrative sex. Make sure you devote more time to the foreplay, because there is always more pleasure in travelling than in arriving at the destination’, says Dr. Prakash Kothari.


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