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Simple tips to improve your love life

A happy and pleasurable sex life is the basis of a good healthy relationship. But, to have a comfortable sex life one must take care of certain things.

Several people complain of sexual problems in their life. The main reason for this that they are unable to improve their sex life. Lack of knowledge of certain things is the main reason for this.

Here are some simple tips to improve your love life:

Don’t pretend you’re doing very well with sex: You must also take care of your partner’s preferences. The preferences of your partner must be considered.  Dissatisfaction in these matters can harm the relationship itself.

Avoid other topics in the bedroom: Never discuss other topics, especially those that are not personally harmonious in your bedroom and in private moments. Don’t remember things that made you angry and sad. All these affect the sex life.

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Never impose pressure to have sex: Never compel your partner for sex. Every person should come to sex voluntarily and willingly. Otherwise it can destroy the relationship.

Don’t criticize your partner’s body: Never criticize your partner’s body during sex and private moments in the bedroom. It can cause emotional trauma to the partner and harm the sex life.

Never talk about your ex: Talking about your ex lovers during private moments are bad. This will ruin your love life. This discussion become an obstacle to comfortable sex, it can also lead to many emotional problems such as trust issues and insecurities.


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