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Ukraine prepares to resume grain exports despite being outraged by the Odesa strike

Following a missile attack that raised questions about whether Russia would uphold a deal intended to lessen the impact of the war’s food shortages on the world food supply, Ukraine pushed on on Sunday with plans to resume grain exports from Odesa and other Black Sea ports.


The attacks on Odesa, according to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, were plain acts of ‘barbarism’ that proved Moscow could not be trusted to carry out the agreement reached on Friday and brokered by Turkey and the UN.


However, a government minister stated that plans were being made to resume grain exports. The Ukrainian military, according to public station Suspilne, claimed that the port had not been substantially harmed by the missiles.


On Sunday, Russia claimed that its forces had fired missiles at a Ukrainian military boat in Odessa.


The agreement reached between Moscow and Kyiv was hailed as a diplomatic success that would help lower the skyrocketing prices of food around the world, but as the war entered its sixth month on Sunday, there was little sign of a lull in the combat.


Zelenskiy stated in a video posted late on Saturday that Ukrainian forces were marching “step by step” towards the captured eastern Black Sea province of Kherson, despite the fact that the major theatre of fighting has been the region of Donbas to the east.


Several locations in the north, south, and east were reported by the Ukrainian military as being shelled by Russia on Sunday. The Ukrainian military also mentioned Russian operations that were preparing Bakhmut for attack in the Donbas once more.


Russian military launched three Kalibr cruise missiles from the Black Sea early on Sunday morning with a target in the western Khmelnytskiy region, according to the country’s air force command, which claimed to have shot them down.


The United Nations, the European Union, the United States, Britain, Germany, and Italy all condemned the attacks on Odesa. Officials from the UN had expressed hope that the accord will become operative in a few weeks on Friday.


Firefighters were seen putting out a fire aboard an unidentified boat that was tied next to a tug boat in a video that the Ukrainian military released. The video’s legitimacy and the date it was shot could not be independently verified by Reuters.


Russian officials reportedly told Ankara on Saturday that Moscow had ‘nothing to do’ with the strikes, according to Turkey’s defence minister.


But on Sunday, Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry, said that Russian forces had fired high-precision missiles at a Ukrainian naval boat near Odesa. The Russian ministry of defence has not responded.


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