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No need for a constitution in Afghanistan; Islamic laws can help solve problems; Report

Abdul Karim Haider, the deputy minister of justice, stated at a press conference that Afghanistan does not require a constitution and that problems can be solved by simply applying Islamic laws. According to Haider, the Hanafi law serves as a framework for resolving all issues. ‘The holy Quran, Mohammad’s Sunnah, and the jurisprudence of every Islamic country is the basis and text of the constitution in general and in detail,’ he was quoted as saying by TOLOnews.

However, he said that they are prepared to draught the constitution in accordance with the laws as soon as they receive instructions. Haider stated, ‘We are awaiting Amirul Muminin’s instructions (for creation of law). Its sources are the Hanafi legal system, the Quran, and the Sunnah of Mohammad (PBUH). As a result, we are optimistic that a comprehensive law will be enacted soon to address everyone’s concerns.’

Regarding political party activities, Haider stated that under the current circumstances, there is no need for parties to be active. In contrast to this statement, a professor in conversation with TOLO News said,’ A constitution for any government in the modern era is a crucial and a basic requirement’. The lecturer went on to say that if Islamic laws are used to solve problems, women should have access to their rights in terms of the work they do and be given favourable working conditions.

It has been more than a year since the Taliban seized power in the South Asian country and instituted significant legal changes. This includes violations of human rights, particularly for women. According to a UNAMA report, women’s rights in the country have deteriorated since the group took over. Prior to the takeover, women and girls had the freedom to participate in all aspects of public and daily life, including schooling and other activities.



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