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Pakistan moves terror launch pads closer to the Line of Control; Alert issued on the border!

Security forces in Jammu and Kashmir have received information that Pakistan has relocated terrorist launch pads near the Line of Control (LoC) in order to push as many terrorists into Indian territory as possible before the winter season begins. September and October have always been the busiest months for terrorists crossing into Kashmir from across the border.

These mountains are completely covered in snow after the first snowfall, making crossing difficult for the terrorists. As a result, Pakistan attempts to send as many terrorists as possible before winter. According to intelligence, Pakistan has relocated these terror launch pads from their previous locations. These launch pads were previously located at least four to five kilometres from the LoC, but have now been relocated to within half a kilometre of the LoC. These camps, according to security forces sources, are dangerously close to Indian areas such as Gurez, Neelam Valley, Keel, Tangdhar, Uri, Chakoti, Gulmarg, Poonch, Rajori, Sunderbani, and Nowshera sector.

‘We were given the best and most up-to-date weapons and ammunition. Also, thanks to new technology, we can deal with any difficulty, such as dealing with terrorists or natural disasters. The new technology has assisted us in keeping a constant eye on the enemy and ensuring that no one crosses our lines. And our vigilance ensures that infiltrators do not gain entry. We want to assure our citizens that they need not be afraid of anything until we secure these borders,’ said Manoj Kumar, Naib Subedar, Indian Army.

According to intelligence agency sources, Pakistan has relocated active training camps near the LoC in Balakot, Gadi Habibullah, Chelabandi, Shawnala, Dulai, Sansa, Kotli, Gulpur, Fagosh, and Dubli. Dilbagh Singh, the Director General of Police in Jammu and Kashmir, previously stated that the majority of infiltration attempts by terrorists from across the border had been foiled. However, there have been a couple of successful bids. He also claimed that terrorists are using drones to deliver weapons and drugs to Jammu and Kashmir.

Terrorists from across the border have attempted several infiltrations in the last two weeks. In these attempts, eight terrorists were gunned down near the LoC and the international border. According to reports, hundreds of rifles, pistols, and other arms and ammunition were delivered from across the border using drones. Security forces recovered more than 200 pistols in the valley that were being used by terror groups to murder civilians.

Following receipt of these reports, the Indian army has been placed on high alert. The LoC has been under increased surveillance. The Indian army conducts day and night patrols while monitoring any incursions with cutting-edge technology such as drones, night vision cameras, PTZ cameras, and thermal imaging cameras. The Indian army soldiers guarding the LoC are making it impossible for terrorists to cross. The soldiers claim that the citizens of the country should not be concerned as long as they are guarding the border.

‘We are far from home, but the Indian army is also our home. We live together as each other’s strength. If we believe in God and love our country, there is nothing that the soldiers cannot accomplish.’ Manoj Kumar added. The Line of Control has been placed on high alert. The security forces are ensuring that no one crosses into Indian territory.


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