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Five consecutive months of ‘punctuality’ for Air Asia India; Read on…

According to a Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) report, Bangalore-based AirAsia India maintained its record of operational excellence for a fifth straight month and was the most punctual airline in the nation for August 2022. With an On Time Performance (OTP) of 93.3 percent across the four major airports in Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, AirAsia India came out on top. According to a statement from the airline, AirAsia India has dominated the DGCA OTP statistics for five consecutive months.

When discussing the accomplishment, Sunil Bhaskaran, MD & CEO of AirAsia India, said: ‘We’re thrilled that our focus on operational excellence and digital interventions have enabled a consistent performance on important performance indicators like OTP. This work has been validated by taking the lead for five straight games’. AirAsia India’s digital transformation and customer-centricity, in the airline’s opinion, are what led to the country’s operational excellence.

A number of customer-focused services, including the AI-powered conversational chatbot Tia, a data-centric strategy to enable real-time updates, fly porter baggage delivery services, SMS bag tags facilitating quick and easy check-in, and seamless Single-Sign on check-in on its mobile app, are among the airline’s claims that it focused on ensuring safety and On Time Performance.

By monitoring and analysing aircraft turnaround in real-time between flights, AirAsia India’s use of the aviation analytics app ‘RedSmart’┬áhas also helped to increase operational efficiency. Additionally, according to AirAsia India, it follows the strictest safety regulations to give its passengers a safe and secure flight experience. The airline also boasts that airlineratings.com has awarded them a 7-star safety rating and a rating of zero incidents.



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