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UNESCO report: Lack of resources and facilities are having an impact on the spread of AI in India’s education sector.

According to the most recent UNESCO study released on Tuesday, a lack of infrastructure and resources is having an impact on the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) in India’s education sector.

Social injustice, gender inequality, the digital gap, and even regional discrepancies were all mentioned in the 2022 State of the Education Report (SOER) for India: Artificial Intelligence in Education – Here, There, and Everywhere as barriers to AI education in India.

Strangely, the research suggested that AI-powered technologies might be used to alleviate the high student-teacher ratios and shortage of instructors with professional qualifications in the Indian school system.

The report provided ten recommendations to accelerate India’s transformational journey through technical education and cutting-edge tech-driven solutions in the educational processes, highlighting that the AI market in India is expected to reach US$7.8 billion by 2025 at a rate of 20.2 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Among these suggestions are making sure that all students and instructors have access to the most recent technology, stepping up AI literacy initiatives, and working with the business sector to involve educators and students in the development of AI products.

The UNESCO report provides a view of the different dimensions and proposals for potential uses of AI in the educational context in India, he continued, adding that the NEP emphasizes the integration of AI in education and encourages quality and skill-based education.

‘It is hoped that Artificial Intelligence will contribute significantly to India’s rapidly developing educational system in the years to come. While acknowledging the increasing influence of artificial intelligence in daily life, it is critical to uphold the core ethical standards that apply to AI’ said the report.


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