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‘Illegal police stations’ open across Globe: Report

Beijing: The Chinese government has created multiple unauthorised police stations throughout the world, including in wealthy nations like Canada and Ireland, raising fears among human rights activists in its goal to become a worldwide powerhouse. According to Investigative Journalism Reportika, citing local media, such unofficial police service stations connected to the Public Security Bureau (PSB) across Canada have been established to enrage China’s rivals.

Local media sources claim that Fuzhou has opened impromptu police service stations across Canada that are connected to the Public Security Bureau (PSB). Only three of these stations are outside of the Greater Toronto Area. Investigative Journalism Reportika also claims that the Chinese government uses these illegal police stations to sway elections in a few other nations. According to the Fuzhou police, 30 of these stations have already been established in 21 other nations.

Countries like Ukraine, France, Spain, Germany, and the UK have similar agreements with Chinese police stations, and the leaders of the majority of these nations openly criticise China’s ascent and its deteriorating human rights records while also contributing to the problem. Human rights activists have charged the Communist Party in power in China with massive human rights violations across the nation in the name of security, including the forced sterilisation of women and the confinement of individuals to internment camps.

China, on the other hand, claims that these establishments are ‘vocational skills training centres’ that are essential to ‘fight’ extremism and raise living standards. Late in 2019, Chinese officials claimed that the majority of ‘trainees’ had ‘graduated’ from the centres. Michelle Bachelet, the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations, recently travelled to Xinjiang and China.



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