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As Ukraine experiences blackouts, two villages regain intermittent power

The town of Lymany considers itself to be one of Ukraine’s luckier locations, nestled by the mouth of the Southern Buh river and within earshot of battles between Russian and Ukrainian forces for the southern city of Kherson.


Electricity is available in the hamlet of modest brick homes and gardens with pomegranate, orange, and olive trees. It is not constantly on. But when it is, that means having access to television, telephone service, and clean water for drinking, bathing, and cooking.


The mayor of Lymany and the neighbouring town of Lupareve, Nataliia Panashiy, 54, a teacher, said, ‘I have an angel and every night the angel opens its wings and blankets the village.’


The conflict that has wracked many other Ukrainian villages, towns, and cities has not spared Lymany and Lupareve. They are situated near the Russian lines that were pushed back by Ukrainian forces beginning in August during a counteroffensive for Kherson, which is around 30 kilometres away.


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