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The only issue for India at the T20 World Cup, according to Sunil Gavaskar, is Rohit Sharma’s form.

Rohit Sharma’s sluggish play, in the opinion of Indian veteran Sunil Gavaskar, is causing serious concern for the national team. In their opening match of the T20 World Cup, India defeated Pakistan with a brilliant chase made possible by an outstanding rescue effort from Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya. This did not, however, conceal the fact that the Indian top order once more failed to provide the squad with the necessary foundation.


Before the match against the Netherlands, Gavaskar told India Today that Rohit Sharma’s touch was the biggest problem for India coming into the match and that it needed to be fixed right away.


‘The only genuine cause for concern has been that Rohit Sharma hasn’t been scoring as well as he usually does lately. I believe that once he gets rolling, it will be quite simple for others to follow’ said Gavaskar.


The seasoned batsman stated that in order to provide a stronger foundation for the batters to enter, India may need to choose a cautious but steady approach in the first six overs and prioritise not losing wickets. India once again struggled against the Pakistani pace attack, falling to 31/4 in the opening 10 overs.


‘Everyone takes a good platform into consideration. If you offer someone coming down at four or five a nice platform and a good start, it makes it much easier for them to start striking the ball from the first ball. They do not need to allow themselves the same amount of time as India did against Pakistan when they were four wickets for 31 and needed to settle down and steady the ship.Therefore, even if you get off to a slower start and maybe reach about 40 after losing 1 wicket, that is a much better foundation than 31/4.’ Gavaskar revealed in an exclusive interview with India Today.


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