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Norfolk cat found after being missing for five years.

Five years after going missing, a cat with a distinctive moustache marking has been reunited with her owner.

Feline Care Cat Rescue picked up Fudge on Sunday at the Snetterton exit on the A11 in Norfolk.

After viewing a Facebook post of her cat, Kimberley Cartledge, from Costessey, identified herself as the owner.

After Fudge struggled to adjust to their new house, Ms. Cartledge rehomed her ‘I’ve been feeling bad for so long. I’m still astonished.’

A few days after being handed to a friend in Wymondham, Fudge went missing.

33-year-old Ms. Cartledge claimed she didn’t think she would ever see Fudge again. She was so worried about her that she had problems falling asleep.

I posted about her on Facebook’s lost and found kitties page, but I heard nothing for five years, she claimed.

‘And on Sunday morning, I awoke to the screen photos from the Feline Care Cat Rescue service, and I immediately recognised her thanks to her markings; it was pretty bizarre.’

‘She is quite content and at home with us. She appears to have never been away. Miracles do take place.’


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