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Home remedies to ease menstrual pain

The first day of your period causes severe lower back pain. The fact that more than half of women experience period pain is insufficient to make you feel better.

Severe period pain can only be treated with the assistance and guidance of a doctor. However, here are a few remedies for occasional and manageable back pain.

Drinking herbal teas
Tea relieves pain and relaxes muscles, making it especially useful during menstruation. Herbal drinks can also help to reduce the effects of inflammation and relieve back pain.

Sleep for an extra 2-3 hours
Sleeping allows your body to breathe and your back to rest.

Try doing some period-friendly yoga to stretch your body
You should move your body to reduce stiffness now that you’ve slept for 8 to 9 hours. Physical activity can improve your general health, lessen lower back discomfort, and reduce stress. Yoga and pilates along with controlled breathing exercises helps to make period pain manageable by balancing the core muscles.

Hot therapy
Hot water can improve circulation, relieve pain, and relax tense muscles. One of the simple ways to relieve back pain is to use a hot pack, hot water bottle, or a warm shower bath to relax your contracting muscles. Place the heat bag over the towel to prevent heat from burning your skin.

Instead of taking medications, chew magnesium supplements
Magnesium supplements are thought to be nourishing and therapeutic, particularly for relieving menstrual discomfort. You can get pain relief from these supplements without sacrificing flavour. They also act as anti-inflammatories by inhibiting prostaglandins, keeping you calm throughout your monthly cycle.

Therapeutic massage
Therapeutic light massage is another effective way to reduce pain as it stimulates competing nerve fibers and impedes pain messages to and from the brain.

Nutrient rich, balanced diet
Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of wholesome seasonal fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Because of the increased inflammation, salty, sugary and processed foods can cause severe pain.

Using the right menstrual products
Period pain can sometimes be caused by the menstrual products used. Using larger tampons or silicon cups than needed, for example, can cause pelvic and back pain due to the expansion.


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