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Women wants this from men in bedroom

There are many things the women did not openly say to her partner. She prefers that men must do it without her telling them.

Some men do not kiss their partner during sex. Women liked to be kissed by men during sex. This is the most favorite thing for women.

While some women enjoy aggressive sex, most women don’t see speed as a factor in sex. Women want to be pampered by their partners. They want the whole thing to be started slowly and then to reach it pace. So men must bring the sex to the aggressive mode by pampering and foreplay.

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Never consider women as a tool only for sex. It is the biggest injustice you are doing to your partner.  So take breaks. Women did not want non-stop sex. So never, rush into sex to prove your masculinity.

Women want novelty in sex. It is basic human nature to not be interested in anything if it is not new. Sex is no exception. If you stick to the same position and practices then sex will become a boring experience.  Women likes experiments including oral sex. Women are reluctant to tell this to their partner. So have open communication.

Praising women during sex will make them happier. Foreplay will make her more excited and happy.


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