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Is Modi govt allowing China to import goods when it is attacking us?

Arvind Kejriwal, the national convenor of the AAP, criticised the Narendra Modi administration on Sunday over the recent clash between Indian and Chinese forces in the Tawang region of Arunachal Pradesh and urged it to display ‘some courage and respect’ for the nation’s warriors.

Speaking to the party’s National Council, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stated that even while Chinese aggressiveness at the border is escalating, the BJP-led Centre maintains that ‘all is OK’.  He said that despite numerous Indian soldiers risking their lives in battle against Chinese forces, the Modi administration is ‘rewarding Beijing’ by permitting large quantities of imports from the nation rather than ‘punishing’ it.

‘Don’t you appreciate our warriors in any way? Display some bravery. If India stops importing, China will realise its error’, according to Kejriwal. He also urged the country to shun Chinese goods. ‘ They claim that Chinese goods are affordable. Even if Chinese goods are inexpensive, we do not desire them. Even if they cost us twice as much, we are willing to purchase made in India things’, he continued.

Kejriwal also criticised the central government for growing unemployment and inflation, charging it with having no desire to relieve the plight of the common people. ‘People are tired of the BJP government’s high unemployment and growing prices. The AAP-led Delhi administration has demonstrated that both job creation and inflation control are possible. Delhi’s inflation is the lowest in India at 4.7 per cent,’ he claimed.

Kejriwal attacked the central government, claiming that ‘industrialists and high net worth individuals are leaving India because the BJP administration is not allowing them to work and sending ED and CBI after them’.  He asserted that the AAP is the means by which India would evolve and become a country in which disputes over caste and religion do not exist. Kejriwal declared, ‘We will establish government in Gujarat in 2027,’ asserting that AAP is the first party to do it within 10 years of its founding.



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