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Qatar expresses concern over Taliban bans on working women!

Concern about the Taliban’s decision to forbid women from working for non-governmental organisations has been raised by Qatar, who described it as ‘very troubling’. The Foreign Ministry of Qatar urged the Taliban to reconsider its decision to permit women to serve in the different positions that are open to them in the organisations in a statement.

In a statement, Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its ‘deep concern’ over the Afghan caretaker government’s decision to prohibit Afghan women from working in domestic and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) until further notice on the grounds that some female employees do not follow the Islamic dress code established by the government for women.

The freedom to select and accept employment is a ‘human right,’ according to Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which emphasised the need to ‘protect women’s right to work’.  The statement from Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasised their support for all Afghani groups in obtaining their rights, especially the ability to work.

According to a statement from Qatar’s Foreign Ministry, the state of Qatar ‘calls on the caretaker government to review its decision to enable women to work in the various jobs available to them in the organisations in a way that helps the distribution and flow of humanitarian aid to the Afghan people’.

According to Tolo News, the Taliban ordered all national and international NGOs on Saturday to forbid female workers from entering the nation. This is when the Qatar Foreign Ministry made their announcement. According to Tolo News, the Taliban commanded all domestic and foreign non-governmental organisations to freeze the employment of female staff pending further notification. Following a Taliban directive to close universities to female students nationwide, this occurred a short time later.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres voiced grave worry about the Taliban’s decision to exclude women from working for non-governmental organisations. Guterres emphasised that the choice will jeopardise the efforts of several organisations assisting the most vulnerable, notably women and girls.

In a statement, Stephane Dujarric stated, ‘The Secretary-General is very concerned by the reported edict of the de facto Taliban authority prohibiting women from working for national and international non-governmental organisations’.  He said, ‘This choice would jeopardise the efforts of various groups aiding those who are most in need around the nation, especially women and girls’.


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