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UN urges Taliban to ease ‘brutal’ restrictions on women!

The Taliban were encouraged by the UN on Tuesday to drop the strict regulations that have an effect on Afghan women’s and girls’ access to education. Speaking of the ‘awful repercussions’ of the harsh policies, the UN rights head urged the Taliban to change their minds.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk, stated that ‘no country can develop—indeed, survive—socially and economically with half its population disenfranchised. These incomprehensible limitations put on women and girls will not only aggravate the misery of all Afghans, I worry, but also represent a risk beyond Afghanistan’s borders,’ he continued, according to AFP.

Days after outlawing secondary school for girls and women and women attending universities, the Taliban stated that women could no longer work for non-governmental organisations. When questioned about the UN’s attitude, Turk said, ‘I encourage the de facto authorities to assure the respect and preservation of all women and girls’ rights — to be seen, to be heard, and to participate in and contribute to all elements of the social, political, and economic life of the nation’.

Since women were forbidden from working, more than five NGOs have closed in Afghanistan, and Turk thinks that this might lead to a serious crisis in the domain of caring. Additionally, it led to several international humanitarian organisations leaving the nation in the previous week. Girls and women must not be denied their inalienable rights, Turk stated. The de facto authorities’ attempts to quiet them and make them invisible won’t be successful.


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