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These ‘Vastu’ tips will improve your broken relationship

As per experts, ‘Vastu’ plays an important role in our life. It plays a major role in our lives by determining how positions and whereabouts of certain things can have a positive or negative impact on our lives and relationships.

Following some simple Vastu tips will enrich you love life. Following these tips will build the bond between partners  stronger, and will  lower the chances of engaging in fights and arguments.  It will initiate more love between the partners.

Here are few ways you can create balance in the zones that predominantly affect your relationships. These zones can be conveniently located using a compass.

South-West (S W) Zone:

This is the zone of relationships, marriage, family harmony, bonding and stability in life. When there are disturbances in this zone, such as the presence of a toilet, it severely affects family relations. You will notice that all your relations are stressed and there’s continuous dispute in the house.

Tip: You should also avoid using red and blue colours in this zone.

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Mid of East to North-East  Zone:

ENE is the zone of recreation and happiness. Again, the presence of a toilet here makes you feel stressed and you may experience bitterness in your relations.

Mid of South to South-West  Zone:

This is the zone of waste and disposal. Creating toilets/bathrooms in this zone symbolizes ‘deliberately disposing of waste’ and strengthens your ability to ‘let go’. For building stronger relationships, it is necessary to let go of things and overlook your partner’s shortcomings.

North-East Zone:

North-east is recognized as the place of God and is considered to be highly charged with divine energies. You should ideally use this zone for meditation since this place gives you clarity and receptivity. A kitchen should never be constructed here as it leads to aggressive behaviour, which in turn, affects relations.

NNW is the zone of rati, which means sensual enjoyment and sense of fulfilment. This zone strengthens the bond between married couples, thereby having your bedroom in this direction is highly recommended.


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