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Know 10 potential early pregnancy symptoms

Women can sometimes detect their pregnancy quickly. But there are several other early It’s pregnancy symptoms which sometimes get unnoticed.  Early pregnancy symptoms might be so undetectable that several women simply overlook them.

Here are they:

1. Periods changes: Stress, various medications (such as pills for birth control), obesity, or health issues like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), uncontrolled diabetes, or an eating disorder can all cause a woman to experience irregular periods.

2. Feeling overheated:  It may be an early pregnancy symptom if you feel hot and bothered for at least two weeks. A rise in body temp following ovulation can result in hyperthermia, or overheating.

3. Period symptoms: Another early pregnancy sign that is quite prevalent in the first seven days is abdominal bloating. It could be around for as long as two weeks. The body’s response to uterine development and the resulting increase in blood flow is what causes stomach bloating.

4. Aversions to certain foods:  Pregnancy is frequently associated with odd food desires.

5. Dizziness: Since the blood vessels widen to allow more blood to flow to the uterus, blood pressure may decrease in the early stages of pregnancy. Dizziness can be caused by low blood pressure.

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6. Change in discharge: The majority of women discharge vaginally at various times during their menstrual cycle. Clear, white, or sticky discharge is common during pregnancy and may be an early indicator.

7. Fatigue: Your body makes more progesterone when you are pregnant than usual. This hormone causes the uterus to start preparing for implantation and for the early weeks’ protection of the foetus.

8. Constant bowel issues: Diarrhoea and morning sickness are two common digestive problems women experience when pregnant.

9. Soreness: It’s common for breasts to become more sensitive during the first two weeks of pregnancy because more hormones are produced, stimulating the breast glands and getting them ready for breastfeeding.

10. Frequently urinating: The kidneys are functioning continuously to keep up with the rise in blood flow all through the body, which is the cause of the noticeably increased urine.



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