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Hate speech: The viral video was edited, claims Suresh Gopi

Suresh Gopi, an actor-politician, said in a speech that he would pray for the ‘total destruction of non-believers,’ says a video of the speech that went viral days later. The former Rajya Sabha MP now claims that the speech was doctored to cause the controversy. The video clip, he claimed, was taken out of context.

Suresh Gopi claimed on Instagram that he decided to respond as soon as he learned about the footage. ‘I found a widely shared video clip from one of my recent presentations, but it had been altered and lacked context. As soon as I got aware of this problem, I intended to fix it,’ Gopi said.

The former lawmaker is heard in the video declaring that he has ‘no affection’ for agnostics and that he will pray for the ‘complete death of those who undermine the rights of the believers.’

Nonetheless, the former MP clarified that he was not and would never denigrate the worthwhile, reasonable, and thoughtful thinking of non-believers or atheists. ‘I haven’t mentioned them, and their poisonous effort to discredit my notion has caused my speech to be fragmented. I was referring to obstacles to and attempts to thwart displays of loyal religious activities of my religion that are permitted by the Constitution’ He posted something there.

He allegedly declared that he would pray for those who attempt to infiltrate in the name of politics or other religions to be damned. ‘I was making reference to the opponents in Sabarimala and all those political forces that fought against my right to practise religion. That was my one goal and focus. No b****d should be permitted to use their political skills for personal gain, and I vehemently oppose it. Please allow me to state my purpose without any interruptions. I never engaged in political discourse when I was saying this, and I never will’ He composed.

Numerous individuals condemned the actor for his hate comments, including the author N S Madhavan. The author expressed regret for having previously backed Suresh Gopi.


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