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Know what is cervical mucus and its role in fertility

Cervical mucus is a fluid that is released from the cervix. This fluid serves as the opening to the uterus and this fluid  undergoes modifications throughout the menstrual cycle. Its texture, volume, and color changes throughout the menstrual cycle due to hormonal fluctuations.

This fluid facilitates the movement of sperm towards the egg during ovulation.  Before ovulation, this fluid tends to be thick, white, and dry. But its consistency changes to clear and slippery, resembling the texture of egg whites as ovulation approaches.  This transformation of cervical mucus is crucial for the facilitation of sperm movement towards the egg during ovulation. The slippery consistency of cervical mucus allows for easier passage of sperm through the cervix, increasing the chances of fertilization.

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The cervical mucus is not same for all women. Some women may not produce any cervical fluid, while others may experience sticky, white, or yellowish mucus. Some women having smooth or slippery mucus, while others may have watery or clear discharge. This happens due to several reasons like breastfeeding, the use of lubricants, stress, dietary changes, medication, vaginal infections, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and surgical procedures.

If the cervical mucus lacks a slippery or fertile consistency, it may indicate ovulatory issues, infections, or other underlying concerns. By drinking adequate water and a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables this problem can be reduced.


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