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RDX Movie Review: A Dynamic Blend of Family Drama and High-Octane Action

‘RDX’, featuring Shane Nigam, Antony Varghese, and Neeraj Madhav, is a family drama woven with intense fistfights, offering a unique niche in Malayalam action cinema. As the narrative unfolds linearly, depicting clashes among rugged men, the film brings to life impeccable close-combat sequences, showcasing the protagonists’ karate prowess. The backdrop and combat scenes reminiscent of ‘Angamaly Diaries’ create a festive, chaotic atmosphere with multi-dimensional characters. However, RDX diverges in its trajectory, prioritizing impactful ‘punches’, evident in the straightforward plot involving a devout father, his young adult children, a church festival, a political assault, and a son enmeshed in turmoil.

Stunts by Anbariv and Irfan Khan raise the film’s quality, but credit largely belongs to the actors who execute punches and kicks with finesse. Shane Nigam shines, dominating the screen time, while Antony’s role is equally well-crafted, and Neeraj’s Xavier feels somewhat underwhelming. Amid the machismo, female characters play supporting roles, yet the film effectively portrays the challenges faced by Dony and Xavier’s family during their confrontation with hooligans. The music and background score further enrich the film’s atmosphere.

In conclusion, ‘RDX’ is likely to resonate with audiences seeking a high-octane cinematic experience during the Onam season, courtesy of its electrifying fight sequences. As the dust settles, this family drama intertwined with vigorous action remains a vivid option for enthusiasts.


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