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Gaza Needs Alternatives, Rejects UN Protectorate: Antonio Guterres

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres declared on Monday that instituting a UN protectorate in Gaza would not bring about a resolution to the conflict. Instead, he advocated for a “transition period” involving collaboration with Arab nations and the United States, ultimately leading to a two-state solution. Guterres emphasized the urgency of turning the ongoing tragedy into an opportunity, expressing the need to move decisively towards a two-state solution after the conclusion of the current Israel-Hamas conflict. He envisioned a scenario where a strengthened Palestinian Authority assumes responsibilities in Gaza, clarifying that this should not involve the Palestinian Authority backed by Israeli tanks.

Guterres dismissed the idea of a UN protectorate in Gaza as a solution, highlighting the necessity for an international community-driven transition period. In lieu of this, he called for a “multi-stakeholder approach,” designating the U.S. as the primary guarantor of Israel’s security and underscoring the essential role of Arab nations in supporting Palestinians. Guterres stressed the importance of collective efforts to establish conditions conducive to the transition, facilitating the strengthening of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza and eventually leading to a two-state solution.


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