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Scientists narrow down their search of ninth planet to some potential places in our Solar System

In the pursuit of identifying the theoretical yet captivating ninth planet, scientists have honed in on potential regions within our Solar System.

Researchers have noted peculiar behaviors among certain objects situated at the outermost fringes of the Solar System, beyond the orbit of Pluto. These behaviors suggest that these objects may be subject to gravitational influences from an unseen entity. This enigmatic object, postulated by researchers, could potentially be another planet.

The discovery of such a celestial body holds significant promise in unraveling various mysteries surrounding the Solar System, including its composition, formation, and evolutionary trajectories.

This breakthrough was detailed in a submission to The Astronomical Journal, leveraging data gleaned from the Pan-STARRS1 survey to scrutinize and discard 78 percent of previously identified potential locations for the ninth planet.

The ongoing quest to pinpoint the ninth planet has underscored particular interest in regions near the galactic plane. These areas will undergo thorough examination during the forthcoming Vera Rubin Observatory survey.

Despite concerted efforts, the elusive planet has yet to be definitively located. However, rather than dismissing the notion altogether, scientists remain committed to exploring alternative explanations for its elusiveness. One plausible scenario suggests that the ninth planet may not exist, although such a conclusion would necessitate revisiting established explanations for various observed phenomena in the outer reaches of the Solar System.

In their paper, the research team acknowledged this possibility while emphasizing that, until alternative explanations emerge, the hypothesis of a ninth planet remains the most viable avenue for exploration.


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