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Vidya Balan lodges FIR against an unknown person for creating a fake Instagram account in her name

Vidya Balan has filed a First Information Report (FIR) with the Mumbai Police against an unidentified individual for fabricating a fraudulent Instagram account under her name. The purported account was reportedly soliciting money from individuals.

According to Mumbai law enforcement, an anonymous individual crafted a profile resembling that of Vidya Balan on Instagram, subsequently soliciting funds from individuals in exchange for job opportunities. The Khar Police have lodged an FIR under Section 66 (C) of the Information Technology Act.

The renowned Bollywood actress boasts a substantial following of over 9 million on Instagram and regularly shares videos and reels for her fans. However, this incident has posed a significant predicament for her, as someone is exploiting her identity and extorting money from unsuspecting individuals.

A police official, speaking to news agency ANI, elucidated that an unidentified individual fabricated an Instagram account identical to Vidya Balan’s and also established a corresponding Gmail account. Utilizing these accounts, the perpetrator purportedly initiated communication with individuals associated with the Bollywood industry.

Furthermore, authorities revealed that the individual was illicitly soliciting money from individuals by guaranteeing employment opportunities. Upon learning of this scheme, Vidya Balan promptly lodged a complaint with the Mumbai Police.


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