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Scientists Sequence 10,000 Genomes of Indian Population

Scientists have achieved a significant milestone by sequencing the genomes of 10,000 individuals from diverse communities across India. This initiative aims to create a comprehensive database that could pave the way for gene-based therapies and remedies. Union Science and Technology Minister Jitendra Singh hailed this development as a watershed moment for Indian science, emphasizing the pivotal role of genome sequencing in shaping future healthcare strategies globally.

The ambitious project, spearheaded by the Department of Biotechnology, seeks to identify and catalogue genetic variations among various Indian populations. By sequencing the genomes of 10,000 healthy individuals from 99 communities representing linguistic and social diversity, the initiative aims to address the unique genetic landscape of India. This diversity, comprising over 4,600 population groups, underscores the need for tailored solutions to Indian healthcare challenges, given that disease-causing mutations can be amplified within certain population groups.

The creation of a comprehensive database of Indian genomes holds immense potential for personalized medicine and drug development. With this resource, researchers can better understand genetic variants unique to India’s population groups and customize treatments accordingly. The project’s scope extends beyond genome sequencing, encompassing the establishment of a biobank housing 20,000 blood samples and data archiving at the Indian Biological Data Centre, underscoring its commitment to transparency, collaboration, and future research endeavors.


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