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Kerala HC approves Vishu fair in state

The Kerala High Court has provided conditional permission for the Consumer Fed to organize Vishu fairs across the state. Justice Devan Ramachandran’s ruling emphasized that the government must refrain from utilizing marketing events for political propaganda. Additionally, the court affirmed the Election Commission’s authority to intervene if any violations of the Election Code of Conduct occur during the fair.

Initially, the Consumer Fed planned to launch 250 Ramzan-Vishu fairs from April 8 to April 14. However, the Election Commission intervened, halting the commencement of these markets. In response, the Consumer Fed sought legal recourse from the High Court to challenge this decision.

The High Court’s directive prohibits the government from leveraging the fairs for political advantages and prohibits any related publicity. Despite Ramadan concluding, the court’s decision to allow the fairs provides relief to the government, as it had already procured goods for the markets. Additionally, the court underscored the importance of safeguarding public interests and criticized attempts to exploit individuals for electoral gains. Moreover, the government assured the court that all necessary supplies had been procured, prompting the court to request documents verifying this claim.


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