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Know types of sleep disorders

We require appropriate sleep after a stressful day at work since it rejuvenates our systems and prepares us for the next day. Our general well-being needs deep and restful sleep. You may believe that persons who can effortlessly fall asleep at any time of day or night are fortunate.

Lack of sleep and poor quality sleep can be hazardous to our physical and mental health. A lot of health conditions arise with lack of good sleep.

sleep disorders: Sleep disorders are group of health conditions that make it difficult to sleep and eventually interfere with our everyday lifestyle. Not being able to sleep is a problem that may lead to other health problems like stress, anxiety, weight gain, day time fatigue etc.

6 Common Sleep Disorders:

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Snoring – Snoring is the most common sleeping disorder. It  refers to the difficulty in keeping the throat open during sleep. It happens more often in men and in people who are overweight.

Sleep Apnea – This refers to a medical condition. This  is a common sleep disorder in which your breathing temporarily stops during sleep, awakening you frequently. These brief periods of stopped breathing, or apnea episodes, lead to reduction in oxygen level in the blood, causing a person’s body to be jerked awake.

Insomnia – Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders and is characterized by an inability to sleep. People face difficulty in falling and staying asleep. They take a long time to fall asleep, or to get back to sleep if awakened during sleep.

Sleep walking – Sleepwalking is classified as a parasomnia an undesirable behavior or experience during sleep. Sleep-walking is caused by stress, sleep deprivation, certain medications, breathing disorders and more.

Sleep paralysis – This is a dangerous sleep disorder where a person is unable to move their body when waking up from sleep. The person is awake but temporarily unable to move or talk.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – The main characteristic of chronic fatigue syndrome is prolonged fatigue that does not subside even after full rest. The condition worsens with any mental or physical activity and can lead to considerable impact on daily activities.



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