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Precautions To Follow In This Rainy Season For A safe Drive

Driving during the monsoon in a country like can sometimes prove fatal. So, it is very essential to take prior precautions and follow the traffic rules and guidelines while driving.

Mumbai Police has tweeted various protocols and guidelines that each driver/rider is advised to follow while driving.

Avoid Distractions: It is very important to keep your focus on the road while driving or riding as minute distraction can cause fatal accidents during the rainy season. Thus, it is advised to avoid any kind of distraction while driving or riding.

Switch on the headlights: It is very much advised to keep the headlights of the vehicle switched on while driving. During monsoon, the visibility of the driver or rider is generally hampered while negotiating with the traffic. Thus taking this aspect into consideration, it is advised to keep the headlight always on as it enhances the visibility for you as well as the oncoming vehicle.

Keep 25-meter distance: During the rainy season, there are chances that the visibility gets diminished quite drastically which gives less time to react that can cause fatal accidents. In order to avoid such circumstances, it is advised to maintain a minimum distance of 25 meters between cars.

Drive Slow: The best practice to avoid any mishaps or unnecessary hazards is by driving slow which gives essentially gives reacting time to counter the situation. Driving fast during such condition reduces the visibility and increased the risk of accidents.

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Avoid potholes & flooded roads: Deep potholes can prove dangerous. Thus, avoiding them is the safe for you as well as your vehicle. These deep potholes can also cause damage to the suspension as well as underbody. Moreover, driving through flooded areas can make your car stall by creeping into the engine.

Avoid driving at night during rains: The visibility is always a big concern during the rainy season. And, the same further decreases during rains at night. Thus, it is better to avoid driving at night during showers.

Check your vehicle’s brakes: Braking system is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. Hence, it is advisable to check your vehicle brakes during the rainy season, as wet brakes are more prone to failure especially drum ones. The wet brakes of the vehicle can lead to major accidents or mishaps.

Defrost the windshield: During the rainy season, the windshield, windows and rear windshield get fog on it which disrupts the visibility. The best way to avoid fog on the windshield is to switch on the AC.

Maintaining lane: Driving during rainy season demands more responsibility and cautiousness. Thus, it is very essential to follow traffic rules. It is also advised that one should avoid changing lanes.


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