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These Are Astonishing Scientific Facts That You Won’t Believe!

Science has changed the way we look at the world, but many of the scientific facts are so weird that you will find it hard to believe. We collect some of those here and see how easily you can believe it.

Half of Earth’s Oxygen Doesn’t Come From Trees?

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Yes, you heard it right. They actually come from the oceans. Tiny aquatic plants called phytoplankton live near the surface of the water, drift with the currents, and generally do what plants do – make oxygen as a byproduct of taking in sunlight and carbon dioxide.

These People Cannot Get HIV Infection

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10 percent of Europeans are naturally immune to HIV virus as a result of genetic mutation. It is believed that it happened because of all the plagues in the Middle Ages.

Video Games Aren’t Bad

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Of course, an excess of anything is bad, but playing a moderate amount of Video game boosts your memory and multitasking skills and can help reduce stress, increase coordination etc

There are More senses than 5

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Despite being taught in school we have five senses – sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound – humans really have over 20. For example, Proprioception is the ability to tell where your body parts are in relation to other body parts, even when you can’t see them, and Equilibrioception is basically your sense of balance, which allows you to stay upright when doing important things like walking.

Strongest Creature is a Bacteria?

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Gonorrhea is a type of bacteria which can pull weight 100,000 times of their own body weight. They are considered to be the strongest creature on Earth

Human Brain can Process…

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The human brain, which is the core of the central nervous system and a miraculous creation of nature, can process as many as 70,000 thoughts in a day.

Water can boil and Freeze at the same time

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Seriously, it’s called the ‘triple point’, and it occurs when the temperature and pressure are just right for the three phases (gas, liquid, and solid) of a substance to coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium.

Laser Can Get Trapped Inside Water

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Now this is an example of Total Internal Reflection which will also tell you how fiber optics cable work


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