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Shocking ! Popular Front planned a riot in the Kottarakkara issue; 5 Popular Front workers arrested for soldier’s house attack.

In a threatening incident which questioned the ‘Conscious Keralites’, a minor scuffle involving an Army Jawan and a lorry driver was given a sectarian color which later escalated to a religious issue. In Kottarakkara, a truck carrying cattle was overspeeding and not providing sides to other vehicles to go, when Vishnu, an Indian Army soldier interfered in the issue. In the ensuing mix-up, the people in the truck accused Vishnu of trying to lynch them on the issue of ‘cow slaughter. The incident was given a communal color by several media and portrayed the people in the truck as the victims of cow vigilantism. Vishnu and his friend filed a case against the people in the truck when they had filed a case against them accusing of ‘cow vigilantism’.

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Anyhow the Popular Front activists took up the issue and conducted a protest march later. Vishnu’s house was attacked, his mother was caught on her hair and dragged down on the floor and beaten up by a gang of Popular Front activists. His father was away on the court case matters related to the previous Kottarakkara issue when this planned attack happened against Vishnu’s home and mother. The religiously motivated assailants also destroyed the photos of deities which the family worshipped.

Vishnu’s house in Puthoor was attacked by a 7 member gang of Popular Front activists. The police arrested Popular Front Core Extension  Committee leader Abdul Jabbar related with the incident. He along with Shanaveez, a native of Kalady, had conspired the attack, said the police. Another 5 people involved in the attack were arrested from Parassinikadavu in Kannur by the Kollam police. Ajivan, Nizam, Ameen,  Rinshad, and Shanavaz were the arrested Popular Front activists.

The Police has informed that the Popular Front activists aimed a riot by giving religious color to a minor scuffle emanated on not giving side to a vehicle. They planned to portray the brawl as an instance of ‘cow vigilantism’ and conduct a communal riot. As a curfew
was implemented and also the putting up of strict surveillance in all places prevented any untoward incidents.

Indian Army Jawan Vishnu’s home was attacked on July 2. He and his friend had been under remand on the previous Kottarakara issue of the fight with the truck driver and his helper when the attack on his home happened.


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