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Popular Front’s secret Whatsapp group in the Kerala Police;CPI(M) Govt’s unabashed support


Thanks to the media attention got to the murder of SFI leader Abhimanyu who was a student in the Maharajas College, Ernakulam, CPI(M) could not at least blame the murder on the RSS/BJP or let it be bygone as an ‘isolated incident’.The largest Communist Party in Kerala after their years of negligence and tirade towards the Hindu culture, its rituals and temples now has been forced to chant “Rama, Rama” in the coming pious month of Karkkidakam.CPI(M) and their organisation ‘Samskritha Sangam’ are all set to conduct seminars on Valmiki Ramayana in all the districts. This action is considered to be made after the analysation that “Sree Krishna Jayanthi Processions’ conducted under the leadership of CPI(M) had been victorious. Through all these ideas the Communist Party aims to make its way into the temple committees thereby influencing the cultural and religious functions of Hindus. In another way, the party wants to shed its ‘anti-Hindu’ demeanour for the sake of power, and also to defend the Sangh Parivar propaganda of Islamic appeasement by the party. But has the CPI(M) got any authenticity in their recent stand? On a closer look, all these Hindu appeasement policies keeping aside the state’s general issues are just a “temporary garnishing” over a stale curry, in which the curry being CPI(M)’s strong tie-ups with the pro-Islamist groups like SDPI, Welfare Party, PDP etc.

Campus Front of India(CFI), is the students’ organisation of SDPI(Social Democratic Party of India) which is the new form of the banned Islamic terror organisation Students Islamic Movement of India(SIMI). The activists of CFI killed a hardcore SFI activist Abhimanyu, near the boys’ hostel of Maharajas College. Abhimanyu’s murder followed the same modus operandi as had been seen in the murders of Sachin and Vishal, two young ABVP activists who were also hacked to death by the CFI activists.CFI’s parent organisation SDPI has been accused of covert conversion operations, in which Hindu-Christian girls were made to fall in love traps, then converted and used for terrorist activists. Sangh Parivar termed it ‘Love Jihad’ which had been seconded by the revolutionary Muslim woman cleric Jamida teacher whose house was attacked by the SDPI activists for that. Apart from these many SDPI, the political wing of Popular Front, cadres have been associated with the international Islamic terrorist organisation ISIS. The professionally trained killer squad of SDPI has been killing down people inside Kerala in the name of religion and under a well-spun plan of Islamization. But the changing governments in Kerala have been a colossal failure in dealing with SDPI.

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The CPI(M) which heads the ruling front of LDF in Kerala has been at terms with the political front of Popular Front in many constituencies. A few hours after the killing of SFI activist Abhimanyu by the CFI activists, CPI(M) won the panchayat elections in Vembayam village panchayat in Thiruvananthapuram. Apart from this recent incident, an array of tie-ups happened before too between both the parties. Kondotty Corporation was grabbed by CPI(M) with the help of SDPI and some Congress members. Local self-body in Parappoor in the Malappuram district is now ruled by CPM-SDPI-PDP-Welfare Party coalition. The President of this coalition rule is Kalodi Basheer Master who is a former CPI(M) branch secretary and Local Committee member. Here the standing committee chairperson position is held by Adv. Saifunneesa from SDPI.

Especially in northern Kerala, CPI(M) victory can be credited to this unabashed pro-Islamic stand which they portray as the minority support for the party. In the recently concluded Chengannoor by polls, SDPI candidates canvassed intensely for the CPI(M) in Muslim dominated areas. Even after the murder of an SFI activist at the hands of CPI(M)’s longtime secret ally, no top CPI(M) leaders have neither announced the breaking up of the ties with SDPI nor relinquished the positions got by their support, from which it is evident the prime importance that the Communist party gives to fringe Islamic groups for keeping their party in power in Kerala.

Popular Front and its feeder organisations have been getting foreign funds from the Muslim organisations abroad like Fraternity Forum, Muslim Relief Network as informed by the Enforcement authorities. In the much debated and controversial Akhila-Hadiya issue, for the handling of the court case about Rs.93,85,000 had been collected by the Popular Front from various Majid Mahal Committees, as said by Nasarudheen Elamaram, State President of Popular Front in an interview with the Mangalam Channel.

Last January a meeting of all the state DGPs was conducted in Madhya Pradesh’s Tekanpur in which a close analysation happened about the activities and financial sources of Popular Front. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh participated in the meeting along with some other ministers. After that meeting, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju revealed that Kerala demanded a ban on Popular Front but it was rubbished by the Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan. The CM and his Party had been following the view then that Popular Front should not be banned, saying that a ban would not help in tackling such kind of organisations. Such type of soft stances towards the Popular Front by the CPI(M) helped them carry on with their secessionist activities and murders in Kerala.

The Central Home Ministry has put under the radar about 200 WhatsApp groups in Kerala aimed at spreading terrorism and secessionism in the name of religion. The most serious finding of the ministry is the existence of pro-Islamic Popular Front backed WhatsApp group “Pachavelicham”(Greenlight) in the Kerala Police.

It has been due to the ruling LDF front’s soft stance towards Popular Front that the centre cannot take any action against the group in Kerala. Many information given by the centre with strong evidence which may have helped in banning Popular Front in Kerala has been turned down by Pinarayi Vijayan government. We should note that another state government, the Jharkhand government, banned Popular Front for its terrorist activities in Kerala! But the Communist Party and the LDF government have been following an appealing stand towards this pro-Islamic fringe organisation. Even the warnings by thinkers like Prof.M.N.Karasseri and Hamid Chennamangalur were discarded by the CPI(M) leaders like M.B.Rajesh and M.N.Shamseer, who showed intolerance towards the former.

Popular Front is foreign-funded, ideologically fringe, terror organisation who cleverly covered up all their murders from being brought under the limelight of channels till now. But through the issue of Abhimanyu’s murder which has been taken up by the media, newer and newer accounts of violence by this terror organisation have been cropping up along with their older gruesome deeds. So for how long the CPI(M) headed Government will keep up their ‘trained silence’ solely for power in the issue? Better not too long, as the people of Kerala are watching you.


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