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Medical licence of doctor suspended for sharing ‘Bikini’ photo

The Medical Council has suspended the medical licence of a woman doctor for sharing her bikini picture on facebook.

The Myanmar Medical council has suspended the licence of general physician Nang Mwe San. The medical council has pointed out ‘inappropriate dressing’ as the reason for suspending her licence.

Society doesn't own women's bodyMy body, My rightThanks to all my fans from my country, Burma and all around the world who support and encourage me, I love y'all ???

Gepostet von Nang Mwe San – ????????? am Sonntag, 16. Juni 2019

Nang Mwe San, who is a popular model in Myanmar has shared many photos of her wearing western attire in social media. This has ignited the wrath of the medical council. The medical council has earlier warned that sharing ugly photos is not the culture of Myanmar.

But Nang Mwe San has informed that she will give appeal to revoke her licence. And she will not lose her licence as she earned it after many struggles. She also made it clear that she has not worn these dressed on duty time. And nobody has the right to interfere in individual rights.

The 28-year-old has been practising as a doctor for 4 years and stopped practising two years ago to pursue the career of a model.

What is human right? where is democracy???

Gepostet von Nang Mwe San – ????????? am Montag, 10. Juni 2019


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