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Nissan to launch it’s electric car ‘Leaf’ in India

Nissan will launch it’s electric car ‘Leaf’ in India. The hatchback will be launched this year. The car will be will introduced in the Indian market as a completely built-up unit. The leaf will be imported to India from Nissan’s foreign making units. The car will be completely built outside Indian and will be imported to the country.

The electric motor in the Leaf has 148 bhp power and 320 Nm torque. It can run more distance in a single charge. The Lithium battery which has the capacity of 40 Kwh can run around 400 kilometers in a single charge.

The second generation of Leaf will be released in September.

The leaf is the most selling electric car in the world. Nissan has introduced Leaf 2 in the international market in 2017. The hatchback may be priced around 35 lakhs in India.


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