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In sleep, woman swallows engagement ring: Know what happened next

In deep sleep a woman in US has swallowed her engagement ring. To get the ring out she has to under go a surgery.

The woman, Jenna Evans, aged 29, had a nightmare in which she and her fiancĂ©e were on a speeding train and are attacked by “bad guys”. She dreams that she removed her ring and swallowed it so that the goons do not take it away.

But the next day when she woke up she has found that her ring was missing.Then she realized that she had actually swallowed her ring.

The couple then approached a hospital. After taking X-ray scan it is found out that 2.4-carat ring is in Evans stomach. She has to undergo a surgery to get the ring back.

The whole matter was shared on her Facebook page. The Facebook post become viral and gathered over 100K likes and 61,000K shares.


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