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If You’re Really Happy That Donald Trump Has COVID ,Then Read This…..

What actually happened to Humans???                                                                                                      Especially in 2020???

The complete source of this write up is a Facebook feed which is flooding with Donald trump getting Covid. When you go through the comments people are actually celebrating someone who has Covid which shows a complete downfall of humanity. ‘Happy reactions to emojis’ wishing the US President death saying “Finally, Covid got him”!!!

President Trump, who remains at Walter Reed Medical Center for treatment for COVID-19, is “not out of the woods,” but doctors are “cautiously optimistic,” his physician said in a statement late Saturday.

It seems like it became socially acceptable to wish someone especially a 74-year-old man with a family to Die !!! It was kind of normal to celebrate a mass murderer or a child rapist was suffering, but right now people are so enabled to hate as were are Divided by all means. And the environment we created is this constant situation of giving each other high fives for contradictory reasons…High Fives for better cure and High Fives to die…..Horrifying isn’t it???

When will we realize that it is wrong to wish someone death on a mass scale!!! These days it doesn’t matter if one side says something true which is good for the country or the world. People are so divided with all means to never accept the goodness but to run behind or celebrate the evil facts as it collects more attention. Pathetic !!!

It became a constant battle to the level where its okay to wish someone death. With this, we can have a clear idea about human behavior even if it is not acceptable to many. People react to certain things in certain ways. t is very concerning that we are the most divided we have ever been in our lives. It is practically impossible for both sides which are the –good and the bad – to come together for some type of compromise and talk to each other.

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No matter what you write on one side- A Fact, Truth, or Something good, the evil side will come and battle with it. And it doesn’t matter what type of comment or post which will quickly turn into counter-arguments giving High fives for anything. At least people should realize the ultimate reality of being humans!!!   Yes ..we have our religious and political beliefs , our background, or race. Whatever it may , it should be never socially acceptable to wish someone’s death and to celebrate someone especially with the age of Donald Trump has COVID. At least we should really try to feel a little bit for the poor person.

It says that it is very difficult to pick the correct sides and the people who have picked sides a lot are the ones who are at fault. It would be better to stay in the middle, being capable of understanding both sides and fight for the truth, humanity, morals, and ethics. Please Don’t celebrate a Pandemic Spread either if it is the US President or it is your next kin…It may happen to you or me or anybody …Think like a human being !!!

Source; Facebook



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