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“Ordered a dozen masks, received only 12”; Customer files complaint

Satisfying customers is not an easy job in any business. And one such occurrence with a dissatisfied customer has left a small business owner in splits after the customer got their elementary maths faulty. The consumer who had placed an order for a dozen masks launched a complaint after receiving 12 masks!

Zada McCray, who operates an online shop called Sadas Vault, got an email from an angry customer. Sadas Vault, which trades shirts, hoodies, and customized masks, complained that only 12 masks were delivered out of the dozen masks he ordered. Not only the complaint but also a refund is required. Still not understood? A dozen means 12.

Zada McCray gave a reply mail to the complaint mail that came with the subject line of false mask order. Sada McRae explained that 12 masks had been sent as stated in the order of a dozen and therefore not the wrong order. They also made it clear that they could not return the money as there was nothing wrong with them. But Zada McCray said the mask is still available at a discount if required.

“Hello, I ordered a dozen custom masks from you, however, you only sent me 12,” the unhappy customer wrote. “I really needed them all. I would like a refund please and I will no longer support your business. I try to support black-owned businesses but you guys continue to rip people off,” the person angrily continued.

But what occurred next, left everyone even odder. The annoyed customer responded stating she “was not interested” in her offerings but disputed that she required 20 and never knew dozen meant 12. “I never heard of it being listed as 12. I swear it was articulated ‘dub zen’ like a dub (20) whatever tho,” the client continued.

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Posted by Zada's Vault on Monday, March 15, 2021

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As some people looked out she had wrongly used “then” in her email rather than while communicating with the angry client, McCray has implemented the error into offers as well. “Use the code: then/than to receive free shipping(US only, doesn’t apply to football skyline table.)”As more and more people rushed to her website to order various customized items, the owner, grateful for all the support, added: “We lost one customer but gained over 4,000 new followers!” And as a token of appreciation, the business owner added that all orders placed last week will include: “a free Dubzen mask.”



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