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Craving for Junk-Food??? Tips to plan your meals “Healthy”

Healthy eating does not have to be tedious. Yet we are frequently addicted to harmful eating practices. Did you know that there are many good options to junk food? We require to give up junk food completely and keep a better, healthier, and more sustainable lifestyle rather. Here are some things to look for when selecting yours…

Pick correctly
Planning a day ahead of what to eat the following day will help you stay away from junk meals. Junk food is supposed to be the food we can like to eat fast as it is the food we can quickly get from hotels. With a few careful arrangements, you can get rid of this bad habit effectively. I believe that food is medicine, and by including nutritious foods in your diet our body works accurately and we get its advantages.

It is very necessary to innovate in your food and eat mindfully. Eating more plant-based foods rather than packaged foods is a good beginning. The easiest way to get all the nutrients and vitamins is to consume fruits and vegetables including green leafy vegetables, carrots, beets, berries, and eggplant.

Instead of eating store-bought potato chips, you can bake homemade cabbage chips, beetroot chips, or lotus stem chips. Instead of buying snack packs, pack nuts and seeds in your bag for snacks. Rather than gas-filled drinks, drink plenty of lemonade, ginger juice, and water mixed with mint or berries. Prepare ginger lemon tea and keep it in the fridge. Add some soda, palm paste, pure lemon juice, and salt, and enjoy!

Drink water, plenty
Usually, when we are thirsty we wrongly think it is hunger. So, next time, whenever you feel hungry in the meantime, drink some water. This is because the signals to the brain to express thirst are usually so weak that it can be misinterpreted as hunger. Try drinking water immediately to undo this.

Reduce sugar consumption
Refined sugar has no nutritional value and will increase the amount of insulin in your body due to its consumption. Your sugar addiction can be cleverly changed with homemade date paste. To do this, soak the dates in lukewarm water and mix well. Due to its low glycemic index and the content of antioxidants, dates are a healthy alternative to sugar.

You can eat a bowl of berries or berries with unsweetened nut butter. The berries are rich in antioxidants. Therefore, they increase the activity of the brain. No longer, all ice cream lovers need to worry; A good alternative is homemade frozen yogurt, which can be made with some date paste, berries, and nuts in curd and chilled in the fridge. Another good and healthy dessert is a pudding made with chia seeds soaked in water overnight. It can be made by mixing different flavors.

Intermittent fasting
Try to do 16 hours of intermittent fasting or intermittent fasting a few times a week to give our digestive system a healthy break. Fasting is the best way to improve concentration. This gives us the desire to eat whole, healthy, and nutritious foods instead of eating something unhealthy. It teaches us to eat consciously, to keep the mind focused, and to stop the habit of eating unwanted snacks.
Intermittent fasting is a diet. It helps control blood sugar levels, improves brain function, and eliminates the growth of harmful cells, thereby protecting against Alzheimer’s, cancer, and many other diseases.

Sleep Well
Losing sleep or falling asleep late can disrupt the normal functioning of the body, and it may prompt you to eat junk food and sugary foods more often. It is said that getting a good night’s sleep will revitalize your life and help you avoid the urge to eat junk food. This will lead you to a healthier and more balanced life.

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A good night’s sleep regulates the level of cortisol in our body, and it helps to reduce and alleviate stress, which should be read in conjunction with another factor associated with eating disorders. The habit of eating carelessly and in excessive amounts reduces the production of serotonin in your body, which often increases your addiction to food and even lowers your self-esteem. Keep in mind that keeping your gut clean, eating consciously, and getting into the habit of eating nutritious whole foods with good sleep, low-stress levels, good conversations, and relationships is the key to a happy mind, body, and life.


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