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Kerala’s ‘triple lockdown’ strategy ; What is it means? Get details here…

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan today declared the lockdown in the state will be extended by one more week till 23 May as the positivity percentage continues high. Before the lockdown in the state was to conclude on 16 May. Triple lockdowns are restrictions inflicted on severely diseased regions. It can also be said to be a strategy to control the spread of diseases. The state is now under a 9-day complete shutdown as part of its efforts to bring down the daily caseload of infected persons.

The triple lockdown is implemented in three stages.

1. The first step is to make sure that no one enters the area of ??serious illness
2. Identify the places of contact of the infected and lock down those places
3. Ensure that the infected stay at home. This is to prevent the spread of the disease.

The difference between a triple lockdown and a lockdown

Lockdown is an emergency code of conduct that restricts people from leaving an area to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Necessary services will operate on lockdown. This would include grocery stores and banks. Offices and food warehouses may be open during the lockdown. However, areas with triple lockdowns will be sealed and access will be restricted to one way only. Strong tests will be put in place that way. The inspections will be led by police officers. All-access roads to an area will be closed. In short, strict control.

Which services are excluded from the triple lockdown?

Airports will not be affected. Train services cannot be suspended. Taxis will be allowed at the airport and the railway station. ATMs and essential banking functions are possible. Datacenter operators will work. Mobile service shops will be opened. Hospitals and medical shops will operate. Freight vehicles will be allowed. Only activities and services related to petrol pumps, LPG and gas companies, water supply, electricity, and sanitation will be available at the triple lockdown.

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How will the Triple Lockdown Police enforce it?

On April 10, 2020, Kasargod reported 155 covid positive cases and imposed a triple lockdown. At that time, the crisis was overcome and the spread of the coronavirus was prevented. Such strategies will continue to be implemented. Do not leave the house unless there is an emergency. Travel on the roads will be limited. New technology will be used to monitor violators. Food and medicine will be provided free of charge during the triple lockdown period


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