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Poor handwriting: Man fails to rob bank

England: In our childhood, we are often told by our teachers and elders to focus on improving our handwriting and it appears that a man from England ignored this advice. Years later, though, his illegible handwriting came to haunt him during his peculiar task of robbing a bank. On March 18, Alan Slattery, a resident of St Leonards in Hastings, probably thought he would be making off with a few hundred pounds when he entered a bank in Eastbourne, however things didn’t go as planned. So when he handed a threatening note to an employee, he was unable to comprehend Mr. Slattery’s handwriting and so he did nothing.

In this rather unusual situation, Mr. Slattery had no choice but to return empty-handed, Sussex police said on its website. The staff of the Nationwide Building Society later understood what the 67-year-old had scribbled and contacted the police about it. As per the note seized by the police, ‘Your screen won’t stop what I’ve got, just hand over the 10s and the 20s. Think about the other customers’. The police also reviewed CCTV footage from inside the bank in addition to the note.

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Mr. Slattery didn’t let the note fiasco deter him from targetting another branch of the bank on March 26. The note worked this time and the cashier handed over £2,400 in cash. ‘Slattery did not say anything, but left with the money,’ the report said. The CCTV footage from the bank shows a person that looks like Mr. Slattery, and he was captured boarding a bus moments after the robbery.

After this, he made another try at a third bank, the NatWest bank. However, the cashier stood up to him, so he left empty-handed. He was immediately arrested near his house on suspicion of robbery and attempted robbery.

LADbible quotes a police spokesperson as saying, regarding the arrest as, ‘A search of his address found some sticky labels identical to the label that had been handed to staff at NatWest bank, and a jacket that matched that of the man seen in CCTV from NatWest.’

Mr. Slattery pleaded guilty to all three charges upon arrest. He received an extended sentence of six years, which included ‘four years in custody and two years on licence’.


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