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Here are some tips to remember while dying your hair for the first time

Dyed hair is really gorgeous, it adds a burst of colour to your complexion, giving it a healthy glow. It is a symbol of your style and you can always let your creative side shine via the colour of your hair. The nicest thing about getting your hair coloured is the procedure since all you have to do is tell the hairdresser what you want and lean back while they perform their magic, but if you do it yourself, it’s a whole different story. Self-dyeing your hair is certainly cost-effective, but if you don’t know how to do it properly, it may not come out as you had hoped.

Here is a list of things you should know before dying your hair, especially if it has never been coloured before or gone through any process that required the use of chemicals. You may always ask a friend or a family member for assistance, do not be afraid to ask since it might make a great difference.

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Know Your Hair

Before you colour your hair, you must first understand your hair and its kind. Wavy, curly and straight hair types are the most common, however, there are variants within each of these categories. You should also examine the thickness and density of your hair.

Curly hair is thicker than regular hair and dark Indian hair takes longer to lighten than lighter finer hair. Also, bleaching your hair more than twice might damage its integrity, so attempt to attain your aim using alternatives like a 40 Volume toner.

Know Your Skin Tone

It is crucial to know your skin tone before deciding on what colour and style you desire. Skin tones can range from warm to cold, resulting in a wide shade range of combination skin tones, with some having a more cool tone than warm and others having a more warm tone than cool.

Blues, purples, inky blacks and other cool tones and lighter skin tones may easily pull off blues, purples and inky blacks. Warm chocolate brown hair, honeycomb blondes, ashy brown and other warm tones and darker skin tones look simply delicious. You must know which hair colours are ideal for various skin tones, the incorrect colour on the wrong skin is a disaster.

Know What You Really Want

You can finally pick what you want now that you know your skin tone and hair type. It is critical to set a realistic objective and have a backup plan in place. For example, if you want to go from black to blonde, try bleaching your hair twice and ensuring that you do so in gaps (i.e. bleach your hair in a day gap, then tone them with a toner for best effects), but if that does not work, you must have a backup plan. You may always re-dye your hair or wait a few days before attempting to tone it again.

Knowing what you want can help you think more clearly and bring everything together in the end. Before you do anything, do some research and view a video of a specialist online.

Section Your Hair

When it comes to bleaching or dying your hair, sections are crucial. These parts will assist you in getting each and every strand of your hair coloured equally. Even while bleaching, you should bleach your hair in parts to ensure that the bleach is uniformly distributed and your hair does not have spots. Also, keep in mind that the roots bleach faster due to the heat produced by our scalp, therefore it is better to bleach your roots last as they process the fastest.

When colouring, you can divide them into four sections, but when bleaching, you must divide them into smaller sections to ensure that the bleach is evenly distributed throughout your hair. To keep your hair properly sectioned, use pins, clips, or rubber bands.


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