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Are we on the brink of extinction? Scientists predict the end of the world – here’s why

The climate is changing and extreme weather conditions are present in many countries worldwide, and scientists are warning that the Earth is headed for a major natural disaster that will end the century with an apocalypse. One of the world’s top science journals, Nature, recently conducted a survey with scientists as participants. Scientists from these organizations helped the IPCC develop its climate report. In the survey results, it was revealed that the earth will face the apocalypse by the year 2100.

IPCC’s climate change report was compiled by 234 scientists from around the world. According to one of the scientists of the research from a university in Medellin, Columbia, the world is changing fast and its resources are being exploited. In addition, the ever-changing rain pattern is causing a shortage of water around the world. Global warming, as well as sea-level rise, is increasing, according to Colombian researcher Paola Arias. Living beings will have a hard time adapting to rising temperatures and pollution.

Arias further stated that international governments are moving at a slow pace in trying to reverse climate change, which will not result in a solution and will cause people to be displaced. Humans don’t have enough time to reverse climate change, as stated in the IPCC report on climate change. According to a survey by Nature, 40 percent of the scientists think that the Earth will most likely be destroyed by the end of this century.

The scientists predicted that by the year 2100, there will be so many climate problems that countries will be destroyed by natural disasters such as unseasonal rain, cloudbursts, tsunamis, high temperatures, and droughts. Food and water shortages will affect the human race. According to the survey, the temperature of the planet is likely to rise by around 3 degrees Celsius by the end of this century, which is higher than the temperature predicted by the Paris Agreement. Scientists say climate change will create a holocaust-like situation in the world.

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Scientists say that world leaders and major countries have made promises of living a greener lifestyle, but are yet to deliver. Several countries have pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but no action has been taken yet. By the end of this century, the survey predicts, the human race will be on the verge of extinction if these countries do not fulfill their promises.



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