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Rishi Sunak’s success in the UK PM race helps the ‘footwear industry’; Read on…

Following Rishi Sunak’s victory in the race for UK prime minister, Puran Dawar, chairman of the Agra Footwear Manufacturers and Exporters Chamber (AFMEC), noted that the UK is already a significant market for Agra footwear and that, under Rishi Sunak’s leadership, the UK may emerge from its current economic crisis to the industry’s advantage.

The new British PM will have a challenging task ahead of him since he needs to strengthen the British economy, according to footwear exporter Nazir Ahmed in an interview with India Today. Additionally, it will increase the export of footwear from Agra to the UK. According to him, if India and the UK reach a mutual trade agreement under Rishi Sunak, the 4.5 percent levy now imposed on Agra footwear entering the UK might be removed.

According to Puran Dawar, chairman of the Agra Footwear Manufacturers and Exporters Chamber (AFMEC), the British economy would soon be driven by Indian investment as opposed to the UK, which previously controlled the Indian economy because of India’s rise to economic supremacy. This path will be further accelerated by the proposed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two nations.

The UK is already a significant market for footwear made in Agra, and under Rishi Sunak’s direction, the country may emerge from its current economic crisis, which will be advantageous for the Agra footwear sector. Currently, Agra exports over 600 billion rupees worth of footwear to the UK every year; with the FTA, that figure might reach over 1000 billion.

Fewer than 75 years after the end of British slavery, the election of Rishi Sunak, a British national of Indian ancestry, as prime minister of the United Kingdom, was welcomed news for Indians all over the world.

Vishal Sharma, vice-chairman of Hindustani Biradari, said: ‘Indians are proud of Rishi Sunak since he has Indian origin and practises Hinduism while being a third-generation British citizen. It can only be described as poetic justice that he will rule the same nation that held India captive in chains for more than 200 years. The fact that an Indian is currently in charge of the UK would likely bring joy to the freedom fighters’ souls who died while attempting to oust British control’.

After Liz Truss, the previous prime minister of the UK, left her position after only 45 days, the British Conservative Party chose Rishi Sunak to lead it. According to social activist Vijay Upadhyay, Rishi Sunak is already the front-runner for the position of British PMĀ  when he was quite unfairly stepped over by the racist elements in the Conservative Party, choosing Liz Truss over him.


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