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Street Posters Label League Leader ‘Judas’ Amidst Internal Strife

The internal strife within the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) has deepened, revolving around the contentious decision to appoint P Abdul Hameed to the director board of Kerala Bank. This dispute spilled out onto the streets of Malappuram, with posters adorning the IUML district committee office branding Hameed as ‘Judas,’ a symbolic reference to betrayal.

The posters not only questioned Hameed’s allegiance but also called for his expulsion from the party, indicating a significant rift within IUML. The media attention garnered by these posters prompted responses from both IUML and the Opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) to downplay any suggestion of a split. IUML secretariat member P K Basheer sought to reassure that there was no internal discord, affirming IUML’s commitment to remain within the UDF.

Despite attempts to quell speculations, the situation became more complex with IUML leader Hameed emphasizing that his directorship in Kerala Bank was solely based on the cooperative sector and did not signify any shift in political ideologies. He stated that IUML, a robust ally in the UDF, was well aware of his appointment, reinforcing the party’s commitment to the cooperative sector while maintaining its voice against malpractices within.

In the broader political landscape, the appointment of Hameed is seen as a strategic move by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) or CPM, scoring a political point, especially after IUML’s recent refusal to participate in a pro-Palestine event organized by CPM. Political observers note that this move may strain IUML’s relationships with other UDF allies, particularly Congress.

The internal challenges within IUML are further highlighted by its past wavering stance, such as the indecision regarding participation in CPM events. The relationship between IUML and Congress has been under scrutiny, especially since the change in Congress leadership in Kerala. The recent episode involving IUML’s national leader, E T Muhammed Basheer, expressing interest in a CPM-organized event, and subsequent withdrawal under pressure, adds to the complexities.

In essence, the poster war not only underscores IUML’s internal struggles but also signals potential strains in its alliance with Congress, emphasizing the intricate dynamics within the political landscape of Kerala.


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