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Here are 3 tips to follow every night to pamper your hair while you sleep

When you sleep at night, your hair might get damaged. You should have a nightly hair care routine much as you do for your skin before bed. Your treatment of your hair while you sleep might have an effect on how it looks and feels. Therefore, be aware of the dos and don’ts that you should observe to protect your hair before going to bed.

3 night hair care routine tips

1. Don’t sleep with wet hair

Given that damp hair is delicate and more likely to break, this might harm your hair. Our hair follicles are most susceptible when it is moist. The water and natural oils in wet hair are absorbed into the pillow as you sleep, leaving your hair dry, lifeless, and dehydrated. Your hair may become brittle and fall out as a result, or it may become dry and unmanageable.

2. Wear hair in a loose braid

Normal tossing and turning as you sleep pulls your hair and eventually breaks it, even though you may not be aware of it. Hair breakage will be reduced since there is less contact between your hair and the pillow when it is braided. Therefore, it is always preferable to braid your hair loosely before bed. Your hair will stay thick and voluminous at night thanks to this.

3. Use a silk or satin pillow case

A silk pillowcase helps lessen friction that can result in knots and breakage while also assisting hair in maintaining moisture from cosmetics and natural oils. The benefit of using a silk pillowcase is most obvious for hair.
They are made of a silky-smooth fabric, which facilitates hair gliding across the surface. This is ideal for folks with curly hair since it lessens frizz!


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