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Embraces facial hair after shaving twice daily as a teenager

A lady who first began developing a beard as a teenager is now proud of her facial hair.


Dakota Cooke, 30, first noticed an unexpected hair growth on her face at the age of 13.


She struggled with anxiety for ten years and felt self-conscious about her hair growth.


Dakota experienced a lot of pain, which she dealt with by scheduling weekly waxing treatments and removing her facial hair twice a day.


She transitioned from having peach fuzz to having a fuller, darker beard.


She was quoted by Daily Star as stating, ‘I grew up in a time when ladies with facial hair were so stigmatised that the people at the salon were teaching me how females aren’t supposed to grow facial hair.’


Doctors ran a number of tests on Dakota, but they were unable to determine why she had facial hair. They speculate that it might be caused by her adrenal glands producing more testosterone than usual.


She used makeup to conceal the scars and sores that frequent shaving had left on her skin.


One of Dakota’s friends persuaded her to take part in a circus performance in 2015. She gave up shaving and waxing because she loved the concept of playing a show character with a beard.


The changeover was not simple, though. She didn’t like how her beard was growing. It took some time, but eventually she stopped caring about it.


She stated, ‘My family and friends have been incredibly supportive throughout my path toward accepting who I am. They even purchased me a sign that says, ‘Don’t f*** with the bearded lady,’ which I adore.’


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