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Drinking this fruit juice will increase your libido

Research studies claim that drinking  pomegranate juice will help to increase sexual health and sex drive.

As per experts, decreased levels of the male hormone (testosterone) are one of the main reasons for declining sex drive.  The fruit increase testosterone levels in men. A study carried out by researchers at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh revealed this.

Testosterone levels have been found to increase in men who drink pomegranate juice daily. The study included 58 men aged between 21 and 64 years.

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The study also found that regular consumption of pomegranate juice by women strengthens their bones and muscles and significantly increases sex drive.

A 2008 study published in Clinical Nutrition found that pomegranate also helps improve sperm quality, sperm density, antioxidant activity and testosterone levels. The study also found that pomegranate helps in dissolving bladder stones. The nitric acid contained in pomegranate juice helps in removing the fat deposits in the arteries.


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