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Simple tips to overcome stress and depression

Depression is a serious mental health problem.Depression may result from a tendency of engaging in stressful circumstances. It is also possible that a propensity for depression is there from the time of birth.

Follow these simple steps to overcome stress and depression:

Do not move, and keep your spine straight. Close your eyes gradually.

Concentrate on breathing. The exhale should be longer than the inhale.

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Recognize the precise emotion that is just now emerging within you. Is it joy, thankfulness, or love, or is it annoyance, anxiety, or confusion?Look at the direction in which your thoughts are moving. Is it focused on the now or is it enmeshed in the past, the future, or both?

Now Pay close attention to the area between your brows. Think of a little flame that extends from the centre of each of your brows to the back of your brain. For a time, keep your attention fixed on the flame at the centre of your mind.





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