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6 Serial Killers Who Have Massive Fan Following

Humans can be strange, and some of the strangest things pique their interest. One example would be how some people adore and love serial killers. Finding serial killers fascinating and intriguing isn’t a big deal or a problem, to put it that way. There are, however, people who claim to be fans of certain well-known serial killers. Indeed, there are a number of fan groups dedicated to infamous murderers on Facebook and Instagram.

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Here are some of the most prominent serial killers who have their own fan-clubs and groupies.

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is still remembered as one of the most heinous serial killers of all time. According to his fans, he is also one of the most charming. Over the years, he has had several fan groups, the most well-known of which was The Bundyphilles, who actively lobbied for his release. He has confessed for 30 Murders.

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Richard Ramirez

Ramirez, also known as the Valley Intruder and the Night Stalker, had murdered at least 13 people and sexually assaulted at least a dozen others, including children. That isn’t to say he didn’t have his share of admirers. Most of his fans assumed he was being held captive because of his Latino ancestry. While awaiting his execution, he married Doreen Lioy, one of his fans. Lioy wrote about 75 letters to Ramirez during their courtship, which began while he was in prison. He has Killed over 15 people.

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The Zodiac Killer

Nobody knows for sure who the Zodiac Killer is to this day. Perhaps this is why the serial killer is still one of San Francisco’s most popular urban legends. In a film about a serial killer, Jake Gyllenhal and Robert Downey Jr. played journalists. The Zodiac Killer had a large following of fans who would frequently call radio and television news stations to express their admiration for him. All of this was done without even knowing who the individual was.

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Aileen Wuornos

Aileen Wuornos was a sex worker who was charged with the murders of seven young boys and found guilty. Her trial drew a lot of media attention, and she was painted as a victim of a series of unfortunate events that drove her to act out. Despite her execution, she left behind a number of fan clubs that are still active today.

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Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer who preyed on young boys once more. Sexual assault, necrophilia, and cannibalism were all common themes in his murders. His appeal drew a lot of attention from around the world. Imagine being a convicted American serial killer with a McDahmer’s fan club based in Glasgow. That’s exactly what happened to him. In any case, Dahmer was beaten to death by a fellow prisoner.

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Charles Sobhraj

Last but not least, there’s Charles Sobhraj. There are several urban legends surrounding the man and his charm, including how he used his charm and ability to smooth talk to entrap his victims. In India, Thailand, Nepal, and France, where he was a wanted man, Charles had a number of fan clubs. He even married Nihita Biswas, the daughter of his lawyer, who was ‘enchanted’ by his personality, in her own words. He was 64 years old when he married her, and she was 21.

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Humans can be strange creatures. It’s fascinating to observe how people like Bundy and Shobhraj have become cult figures who draw people in, almost to the point where their fans begin vehemently denying their crimes. Making superstars out of such people, however, isn’t exactly a good idea.

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