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Know the health benefits of eating curd

Most Indian people love to eat curd. Curd contains many essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin B-2, potassium and magnesium. One of the advantage of eating  curd is that it is light on the stomach and easy to digest.

Below are six remarkable health benefits of curd:

Curd is an excellent probiotic. Good and beneficial bacteria are effective in improving bowel function, soothing an inflamed digestive system, and treating abdominal pain.

Active compounds found in curd fight disease-causing germs and protect the gut and intestines. According to a study conducted by a group of researchers at the University of Vienna in Austria, consuming 200 grams of curd daily is effective in increasing immunity.

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Curd contains lactic acid which acts as an exfoliator and removes all the dead cells and blemishes.

The American Heart Association has stated that curd  is effective in controlling high blood pressure. The study found that people who ate more low-fat curd  were 31% less likely to develop high blood pressure than others. Along with specific proteins in curd, nutrients like potassium and magnesium help reduce high blood pressure and promote a healthy heart.

Curd  is better for women. Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria found in it  inhibits the growth of infections in the body and kills yeast by producing hydrogen peroxide.

One cup of curd (250 grams) contains about 275 mg of calcium. Calcium not only helps maintain bone density but also strengthens them. It is low in fat and calories. So it may also help in weight control.

Curd contains calcium, vitamin D, protein, and healthy gut bacteria. There is no doubt that curd is packed with nutrients and can benefit you if you include it in your daily diet.



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